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How My Worst Nightmare As an Adoptee Came True | National Adoption Month

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In Honor of National Adoption Month … I agonized over whether or not to write anything for National Adoption Month. As

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Secret Recipe Club

Biggest Secret Recipe Club Fail (That my kids actually liked, go figure)

Ahhh!! What an embarrassing Secret Recipe Club reveal! And of course, had I not waited until the last minute to try my recipe, I could have tried something else.

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thanksgiving stuffing

The Best Thanksgiving Stuffing Ever!

I hate stuffing!  Okay, so maybe hate is too strong of a word, but growing up, I never liked stuffing enough to even get a tiny serving on Thanksgiving.  Maybe it was because my mom made the stuff from a

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Kids Get It Much More Than We Sometimes Realize #Family #Parenting

One of my favorite photos of me and my son, Easter 2008 Parenting Alert For those of you parents with babies, consider this a parenting alert: The stereotypical teenage

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Easy Cream of Broccoli Chowder ~ Sponsored by Daiya Foods {Prize Pack Giveaway}

That day has finally arrived! A couple years ago, our son had to have his tonsils and adenoids removed and tubes put in his ears, all at once. It was during his

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Pork and Feta Burgers

Pork and Feta Burgers | Secret Recipe Club Reveal

Ever had a pork burger before? We hadn’t until this recipe … and they were a hit!  So yummy we definitely will be having them again. Secret Recipe Club Reveal Time! It’s Secret Recipe Club reveal time again

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Did God create Ebola?

Did God create Ebola? #Faith #Ebola

What a question, huh? This question about Ebola was posed to me by an Instagram user who happened onto one of my photos of the update I received from Samaritan’s Purse reporting Dr. Ken Brantley having

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Is it possible to make different flavored cake rusks? | Ask The Chef #10

We had an interesting Ask The Chef question submitted by a reader recently!  Since it was related to baking and Chef John’s focus has been Culinary Arts, we

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easy steps to create a slideshow with photos

5 Easy Steps to Create an Awesome Slideshow with Your Best Photos

You know all those photos we take every day and then sort of forget about them or never find time to do something with them?  You will love this new slideshow feature from Fotor! Disclosure: This post

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Come See Why the USA Pro Cycling Challenge Chooses @PolarBottle to stay #Hydrated and Enter to #Win!

If you enjoyed our review of Polar Bottle water bottles not long ago, here is your chance to enter to win one and try it out for

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Maple Roasted Parsnips Fall Side Dish Recipe

Fall Flavors: Maple Roasted Parsnips, Apples and Red Onions | Secret Recipe Club

My fellow fall fans will love my Secret Recipe Club reveal this month!  Reveal day always seems to come back around quickly.  This time especially, I suppose,

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Messy Beautiful Love Book

Could Your Marriage Survive THIS?

We exchanged words for a while, but at the end of the day, I had nothing left to offer him but soiled rags, words of remorse that he couldn’t rely on, and promises where all trust was gone. My eyes were swollen from

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