The Freshman 15 Survival Guide Free on Amazon

Top-Rated Freshman 15 Survival Guide ~ Get It #Free #Kindle #KindleBooks

I have a confession. I’m slightly jealous of the rising freshmen heading off to college about now. Slightly. I don’t miss the academic part of being in school, the late

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Roasted Pear Salad

Roasted Pear Salad Perfect Summer Recipe | Secret Recipe Club Reveal

It has been a busy few weeks since the last Secret Recipe Club Reveal! Our church had Vacation Bible School and then I went to a student beach camp with our church’s

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Allergy Makeover Update Amazing Results

You Will Not Believe This (Before/After Pics) ~ Allergy Makeover 1-Month Update!

Do you have any allergy symptoms or any of the following symptoms? Fatigue Congestion Bloating Lack of motivation Brain “fog” Inability to concentrate I

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gods voice

Faith Through the Eyes of a Child: What God’s Voice Looks Like

Did you know you can see God’s voice? According to my son you can. I love experiencing faith through the eyes of a child! We were driving across the dam near our home recently and I heard him, from

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fotor1-frame sticker and text

Myrtle Beach Memories Made Better with Fotor’s Free Photo Editing Tools

Last week I had the privilege to go to a camp hosted by Student Life in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with the student ministry at my church, and God did some

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10 Health Reasons to Consider Using Wood Flatware Instead of Stainless Steel

As much as I hated dealing with my allergies every Spring growing up, they were nothing compared to what we have been through with our son’s eczema! Bless

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#Monsanto #CastingCall Made GMO Fight Very Personal!

Monsanto is up to no good and they are preying on sweet innocent children and families to perpetuate their evil scheme. Let me explain … Like many of the little girls living in LA my 7 year old Sabrina dreams of being on Television.  So after much…

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baby safe your coffee table tips for praents and newlyweds

4 Ways to Baby Safe Your Coffee Table Tips for Parents and Newlyweds

When our daughter had her fight with the coffee table last Friday, we also ended up almost having a fight with the hospital when we took her to the emergency room.

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Rainbow Roasted Mayo Free Potato Salad

Rainbow Roasted Mayo Free Potato Salad | Secret Recipe Club

If you’re a part of our Facebook community, you know we had quite the Friday this week: Post by The Saturday Evening Pot. If you’re not a part of our Facebook community … why not?! Come

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lamb kabobs glazed with brown sugar and cognac

Lamb and Portobello Kabobs Glazed with Brown Sugar and Cognac

This recipe was developed to be paired specifically with The Lucky Wife’s Secret Recipe Club reveal for this month.  It’s a very

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The 7 Day Allergy Makeover

The 7 Day Allergy Makeover by Dr. Susanne ~ The Final Missing Pieces to Our Son’s Allergy Puzzle

Disclosure: We received an eBook in exchange for our review. The opinions expressed in this review, however, are 100% ours and not influenced in any way

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death crawl

What to Do When Life Feels Like the Death Crawl

Regarding the Storms of Life I heard someone say once that people can be put into two categories: Those Currently in a Life Storm Those with Life Storm Clouds Developing Which are you today? Life

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