Make a Food-“e”-Friend Monday #2: The MOST POPULAR RECIPES from the Food Blogosphere

Welcome! I got to thinking about the competition between our top recipes since we started this blog, which was just almost 2 months ago. Our blog is just a “baby” blog at this point, and it has been a lot of fun for us. {Back to my original thought on top recipes…} This got me curious about other Foodie bloggers and what your top recipes are out there in the Foodie Blogosphere. So I decided to ask Foodie friends to share your most popular recipe so far for today’s Make a Food-“e”-Friend party.

NOTE: I am leaving the linky lists open indefinitely so that new foodie bloggers who want to share theirs can do so whenever they “find” our party. I am posting a button to the sidebar where this party can be easily accessible for new foodie friends who want to post their most popular recipe and also for the rest of us to be able to check back for new recipes or find the ones that interested us when we’re ready to try them out.

Now, for the FREE FOOD:

Foodie friends who do not blog Browse the links and see if there are any free food offers that interest you.

Foodie blogger friends
Link your food-related giveaways. Who doesn’t love free food?

If you are linking a giveaway, make sure you use the permalink to the actual giveaway blog post. Anything besides blog giveaways will be deleted, and it must be obvious in the name of your giveaway prize that it is food-related. You also need to include when the giveaway ends since this post will remain open indefinitely. Important: Please be sure to copy and paste the following in your food-related giveaway or free food coupon post (if the post has already been written, just update it to add this) to help Foodie readers make other Food-“e”-Friends and find other great FREE FOOD offers:

This offer was shared at Make a Food-“e”-Friend Monday at The Saturday Evening Pot. Join the celebration among Foodies of our love for food.

We are running a giveaway of an Award-Winning Baking Cookbook:

For details, please see our original giveaway post. It ends April 1st.

Your giveaway or free food coupon offer…


Recipe Potluck link-up:
Foodie friends who do not blog Enjoy looking through the recipes. Relax and have a little “me” time. Be sure to get a pen and paper to note any recipes you find that you want to come back to later to try.
Foodie blogger friends Link one of your great recipes!
If we have a theme, we will announce what that theme will be for the
next week. Otherwise, link whatever type of recipe you’d like. An
index of all previous MaFF Monday recipes can be viewed through a link
at the bottom of any MaFF post.

To link up, locate the one you want to share that is already written. Important: Edit your blog post by adding the Make a Food-“e”-Friend Monday button (get the code from the sidebar) or by copying and pasting the following in your recipe blog post:

This recipe was shared at Make a Food-“e”-Friend Monday at The Saturday Evening Pot. Join the celebration among Foodies of our love for food.

This will allow everyone who wishes to join in to enjoy all of the great
recipes and blogs that participate and will be especially helpful
during the weeks we have themed potlucks when people may be interested
in finding more of that type of recipe.

If you need further guidance on linking a recipe, please see our step-by-step guide.

Last week, I shared that in the beginning, our top recipe was Paradise Shrimp over Jasmine Rice. Then we participated in another linky party, Soup-a-Palooza, and the Slow Cooker Italian Sausage, White Bean and Kale Soup quickly surged to the Number 1 spot! I’m curious to see if it holds that spot over the long haul. Since these are not new recipes, I will just share them through the links to the original posts above (as opposed to writing the recipe again in this post).

And now, for your most popular recipe….



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  1. How can ice cream not be great?

  2. Thanks for the invitation to Food-e-Friend Monday :) I submitted one of my easy faves, my fruit filled Dutch baby. Looking forward to seeing what others bring :)Michele@FitFoodista

  3. Thanks for the invite and stopping by my site. Have linked my Peas Pulao for this party. Happy hosting!

  4. I left you some mushroom caps to enjoy, I hope you like them :), Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  5. Thanks for the invite – according to my stats people seem to love these crescents!

  6. I was going to link up my Sauteed Rainbow Chard over Red Wine Pasta, but since you've asked for the most popular… here you go! Happy Food "E" Friending! :)

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