20+ Delicious Lemon Recipes from the Culinary Content Network of @TheDailyMeal

We love lemon flavor.  It’s one of The Chef’s favorite flavors.  So with Father’s Day literally around the corner, I decided to hunt for some lemon recipes that The Well Fed Son and Daughter and I could choose from to make something yummy for him this year…. to surprise him.

The Daily Meal’s Culinary Content Network

I turned to our friends in The Daily Meal’s Culinary Content Network, some of the best food bloggers on the internet.  You will find lots of other delicious recipes from this group on this Pinterest Board.

We were so honored to be invited to join them several months ago.  They have been a welcoming, warm and extremely talented group of people.  I knew they would have some ideas for us.  I was right!

I have been blog hopping secretly ever since and now you see that it obviously will not be a surprise.  My problem is that after I began getting some suggestions, I realized there was no way I was going to be able to decide which one (or two?) we would make.  I mean…. look at this selection!

20+ Lemon Recipes

lemon recipes
Please stop by these blogs for each of the recipes.  Plan to have some time, though, because you could literally spend all day just on a few of them at a time!

1- Lemon and Eggplant Risotto by Kimberly Moore @ The Hungry Goddess

2- Baked Blueberry Lemon Doughnuts by Wendy Wofford-Garcia @ The Weekend Gourmet

3- Blueberry Cupcakes with Lemon Frosting by Lori Yates @ Fox Loves Lemons

4- Lemonade Brownies by Judith Hanneman @ The Midnight Baker

5- Lemon Strawberry Bars by Betsy Cohen @ Desserts Required

6- Lemon Cake with Lemon Buttercream by Katie Barnhill @ Spirals and Spatulas

7- Lemon Panna Cotta with Honey-Balsamic Berries by Wendy Wofford-Garcia @ The Weekend Gourmet

8- Lemon Berry Trifle by Katie Barnhill @ Spirals and Spatulas

9- Lemon-Lime Bars by Monte Matthews @ Chewing the Fat

10- Limoncello-Lemon Upside Down Cake by Jacqueline Arnold @ Bake It with Booze

11- Lemon-Chicken and Pepe Soup by Lori Yates @ Foxes Love Lemons

12- Lemon Tarts by Katie Barnhill @ Spirals and Spatulas

13- Meyer Lemon Pudding Cakes by Donna Pelech @ The Devil’s Food Advocate

14- Lemon Cookies with Dried Cherries by Betsy Cohen @ Desserts Required

15- Strawberry-Rhubarb Lemonade by Julie Elsdon Height @ Sober Julie

16- Lemon Meringue Pie by Betsy Cohen @ Desserts Required

17- Lemon Pound Cake by Katie Barnhill @ Spirals and Spatulas

18- Limoncello Raspberry Cream Sandwich Cookies by Jacqueline Arnold @ Bake It with Booze

19- Lemon and Blueberry Gin Loaf Cake by Jacqueline Arnold @ Bake It with Booze

20- Fruit Salad with Lemony Whipped Cream by Donna Currie @ Cookistry

AND…… I got all of the editing done for the collage and started listing the recipes here and realized I had left out this beauty:

21- Fresh Lemon Mousse by Patti Zamorski Stagich @ Comfy Cuisine

Could not leave it out completely!  Chalk another one up to…. Mommy Brain.  Yes, it exists.

Lemon- Mousse2

So…. The Chef loves risotto.

But he’s been talking about finding  a good lemon pound cake recipe for a while.

Then there are all of those other great options…. what to do … what to do?!

So I figured… we live in America, full of people with opinions about everything under the sun.  Let’s have a vote!  Then we can either go with the winner if there is a clear one…. or we’ll just let The Chef decide.

So leave us a comment below…. or click here to leave the number with our other Facebook fan votes, if you would rather vote there, or tweet us and let us know which number you would go with!

So…. surprise, surprise Honey!  It’s a few days early and you now know what at least one of your Father’s Day treats will be.  Thank you for being “The Best Daddy in the Whole World.”  :)

We’ll see what kind of votes we get and then go from there.  We’ll let you know after Father’s Day what we decided to make and how it turned out.

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More yummy recipes at:  Works for Me Wednesday, The Mommy Club, Foodie Friday

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