GMO Labeling: Is YOUR state involved? {Part 2 of Interview} #GMO #Monsanto

GMO in your Food & Labeling Efforts

Are GMOs a health risk to you and your family?

If you have children, like us, I am sure you are constantly seeking to give them the healthiest food choices possible. It is a process that will continue until they are on their own, and with new research out regularly, it is a never-ending learning process as well.

Along with yesterday’s interview, we shared a video from Natural News, in which some of the most recent findings in the research being done on GMOs was shared.  It is fascinating MUST-HEAR news.

You can watch the video here (<- click and scroll down to the Resources section towards the bottom of the page… the video is embedded there).

GMO Labeling and What You Can Do to Affect Change

Now after hearing such powerful information, I always want to know what exactly it is that I can do. But not just that, what will be most effective? My time is valuable and there are always so many possibilities for involvement.

Stay Informed

If you have listened to Part 2, you know that one thing Zack mentions is staying informed on Action Alerts from the Organic Consumers Association through their Weekly Bites Newsletter. If this is an issue that is important to you, you can subscribe to that newsletter here.

Is Your State Involved?  If so, see how you can help.  If not, why not and what can you do about it?

Zack also mentioned that there are currently 26 states pursuing GMO labeling.  This is huge!  Be sure you do listen to the interview for more information about why this could be a key to national change with GMO labeling and get involved if your state is one of those:

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The 26 States Currently Pursuing GMO Labeling

GMO labeling-states

Some of the Other Topics Covered in Part 2

  • A lot of these chemicals and additives have been BANNED in Europe
  • The importance of state level efforts to require labeling and how that could force the issue nationally – get INVOLVED IN YOUR STATE!
  • Exactly who is Monsanto … and the Strategy shift to have states’ rights denied
  • The Monsanto Protection Act – slipped into larger spending bill to avoid debate/vote on this particular part of the legislation – due to the outrage of voters will now not be renewed after expiration in September
  • The Story of the “political protest” (against Monsanto) deaths of 27,000 Indian farmers
  • Recent blow to Monsanto in the courts in India, which could set a precedent globally.
  • Why the unhealthy foods cost so much less.

More of “The Story”

We ended the interview with an important story from Zack about how the insecticides used on genetically modified crops are also killing off honeybees in extreme numbers. Again, be sure to listen to the interview (via player above) for the details and why we do not need to continue down this road, and get involved with the bill currently in Congress, proposed by representative John Conyers and Senator Blumenthal from Connecticut, to ban these chemicals.

Zack said to expect something soon on the Organic Consumers Association website that will give you information about how you can support that effort. I could not say it better than Zack did during our discussion:

The only thing that’s ever defeated organized money is organized people… Politicians can be moved by outpourings of public outrage or public opinion. That can happen and there’s multiple issues that we’re doing that on.

So…. which state are you from? Is your state involved? If so, will you help? If not…. do you want it to be?  Leave us a comment below or join us on Facebook and let us know what you think!

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