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Our Experience with Malnourishment

In America, we are so blessed and rarely confronted with the harsh realities of malnourishment.

Our son had been diagnosed with Failure to Thrive, 3rd-Degree Malnourishment just a couple of months before we brought him home through adoption in 2008.  At 14.5 months, he was so weak from malnourishment that he could not sit without support and was only beginning to crawl.

We felt, and deeply hoped, that once in his loving, forever home, his health would improve. As we celebrated 6 months home, he was walking!

When we decided to start this blog, we knew that we wanted to use it not only to share our passion and love for food with our readers, but also to give back in some way to help other malnourished children. If the struggles our son went through can, in some way, help other children facing similar challenges that he faced, then what he experienced becomes meaningful and is turned into something good for others.  You can read more of our story here.

The Orphan Nutrition Project by The Spoon Foundation Helps Malnourished Children

We came across The Spoon Foundation’s Orphan Nutrition Project through a webinar about post-adoption nutrition and feeding. The work being done through this effort is helping children who are in a similar situation as was our son in the months leading up to his adoption:


You are helping also!  How?

Well, simply by visiting our blog, you are helping.  That’s a good feeling!

We decided that a portion of what we make from advertising on our blog will be donated to The Spoon Foundation.  We are paid a small fee for the ads that are on our site, based on the traffic that we get each month.

If you are interested in other ways you can help, briefly, they are:

  • You can donate directly to The Spoon Foundation here:

In our store, we have “hand picked” items we recommend.  These are products we feel are good quality kitchen tools, cookbooks, and other resources for eating healthy or feeding picky eaters.  You should always use your own judgment, however, when determining what products you believe are best for your family or situation.  We offer our opinions, but the final purchasing decision, of course, is yours.

  • Have a picky eater in your family?  Check out our eBook, What to Cook for Dinner for Picky Eaters, for tips, recipes and resources.  We are also donating a portion of the profits made from this book to The Spoon Foundation.
  • If you enjoy our blog or information you find here, share it with others who might like that particular recipe or post.  At the left side of every post, you will see social media sharing options in an orange vertical bar, as well as a way to share via email, if you prefer to share that way.



Thank you for visiting our site and for helping us make a difference in the lives of many more children.  We don’t want to be blogging about food and how much we enjoy it without keeping in mind that there are still children without a forever home whose basic nutritional needs are going unmet and doing something to help them.

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